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The programmer, also known as Jef with one f, programs efficiency for efficiency like no other!

Let's add your new and hyper-efficient, mobile-friendly application to our list.
How many f's does it take to make the f sound?
Just one.

Here are full production examples of one-f Jef programming:

The refined editing coordinator:
1) Copy text, edit text, send text difference back
2) Multiple editors without ever clobbering the author's original intention!
3) Assisted language translation and life-cycle manager
get an edge in word-wise

The K through 12 class manager and parent information center
5 Star LMS
The home schooling and co-op app that gives all of the big school tools in one place
1) Course library to choose from or to contribute your own for others
2) Grading - either traditional grading or knowledge-base check-off rating
3) Manage portfolio proof for college entry
4) Assign a parent as a teacher and assign students to a class with daily task lists
5) Coordinate, message, and stream courses live with other home schoolers
Home Academy
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one-f Jef is also known as One F Jef or Jef with one f. Why? Because how many f's does it take to make the f sound?